Glass Display Cases

Whether you are a retail store or a small business, having beautiful glass display cases is a great way to add distinction to your product line. There are many display techniques that are used to catch the customer’s attention, but the value of enclosing certain products within retail display cases cannot be understated.

Glass display cases offer a unique appeal to customers. The effect of looking at products that are glass-encased is similar to the effect that window shopping has on consumers. The visual fascination increases the buyer’s desire to not only handle the product, but can also lead to a purchasing decision. This first impression starts with a beautiful display case, then transfers to the products inside. Aspen Glass, Inc. knows that this is a trend and has the products available to suit your business needs.

The Science of Visual Merchandising

Your retail space is a key sales metric, and when properly used can optimize your “sales per square footage” average. The science of visual merchandising applies certain tactics which include the “visual thinking” of your customers. Retail spaces that are stylish, creative, or artistic can effectively lure customers and persuade them to buy. Glass display cases embrace an aesthetic that is both attractive and memorable. In fact, retail display cases can enlist the psychology of visual merchandising to influence the customer journey. As a business owner, we suggest that you:

  • Position glass display cases to steer customers throughout your store’s preferred traffic patterns
  • Be creative with situating retail display cases at an angle to create visual appeal
  • Use glass cases at the front of your store to make an attractive first impression

Popular and high-end retail brands use glass display cases as a means to influence the buyer’s reality – that is, invoking a sense of mystery and exclusivity to entire product lines. Combined with an understanding of your target customer’s buying preferences, adding distinctive showcase merchandising can effectively boost in-store sales.

Increased Safety of High-Value Products

Glass retail cases are a great loss prevention strategy, and they are often employed where items of value are sold. Jewelry and watch supplies, gun dealers, high-end purses, and high-tech electronics are often displayed behind glass to decrease the risk of loss. Enclosed retail cases are an excellent strategy when designing store layouts with passive, undetected, loss prevention.

In 2015, loss prevention statistics reported that the external loss of inventory caused by theft averaged $377 per shoplifting incident and accounted for 39% of total inventory loss. For a small business, these losses can be overwhelming to bottom line profits. Upon analyzing your store’s risk for theft, the best way to keep high-value products in front of customers is by using glass display cases.

Custom-built Glass Retail Displays

Since every store has a unique layout and limited space allocations, custom-built glass display cases using a commercial glass service provider like Aspen Glass, Inc. is the best way to fully take advantage of your retail floor space. From stand-alone pedestal cases to full wall glass displays, a customized solution will offer the exact type, style, and size of product display case.

The quality of professionally designed cases is akin to handcrafted furniture. Off-the-shelf display cases will not incorporate the added strength and attention to detail as given by a master glass crafter. Bridal stores, gift shops, and boutiques depend on a high level of aesthetic appeal to their customers, and that sense of fascination is often subliminally transmitted by the way in which the product line is showcased.

Corporate lobbies, schools, and libraries also use custom built glass displays for protecting and showcasing distinct objects. If you are considering remodeling or retrofitting your showroom or display floor, contact Aspen Glass, Inc. to discuss the features of glass display cases and how they can enhance your retail space.