Fiberglass & Vinyl Window Replacement

Do you ever think about how important your windows are in your home year-round? It’s easy to assume windows are only a decorative part of the house. However, the materials they’re made of matter in saving energy and in durability.

These elements could cost you more than you think. If your windows have cheaper materials, heat is going to escape from your home during winter leading to higher heating bills. It’s no different in the summer with your cooling system. In fact, less durable products can lead to consistent maintenance fees, again increasing the need for a higher window budget.

At Aspen Glass, Inc. you can get fiberglass & vinyl replacement windows to last a lifetime.

Aspen Glass, Inc’s Mission Statement

Once you decide to start shopping for fiberglass replacement windows, you’ll want to see which companies offer you the best deals with superior service.

Aspen Glass, Inc. puts our mission statement up front to let you know you’ll get quality products and service at a reasonable price. Our goal is to help eliminate many of the common challenges seen in replacing windows for a new or older home. We also partner with companies like Milgard Windows and Manko Window Systems to give you various styling options, whether you are looking for vinyl replacement windows or fiberglass.

It ultimately comes down to fiberglass vs. vinyl on your window materials. Which one would work the best based on what your home needs?

What Are the Benefits of Fiberglass Windows?

Most window experts say fiberglass is superior to vinyl, even if you have to pay slightly more for the former. It’s fiberglass’s strength that makes it more popular, though fiberglass and vinyl windows both have equal advantages.

One great aspect to fiberglass is it has a low thermal expansion, which helps reduce any chance of warping or leaks. This proves its extra durability so you’ll only need to go through the process of fiberglass window replacement every few years.

Fiberglass is also resistant to environmental damage. For those of you who live in Colorado Springs, Colorado where weather can wreak havoc, you’ll find this especially important.

If you’re still using wooden-framed windows in an old house, consider fiberglass as a durable replacement to avoid further rotting or corrosion. Those of you already experiencing this on your older windows can turn to Aspen Windows to take care of this problem for the decades to come.

What Are the Benefits of Vinyl Windows?

The greatest benefit to vinyl window replacement is it’s much cheaper than fiberglass. Other than that, vinyl has some comparable qualities to fiberglass.

For one, the two materials require little to no maintenance. Mold and mildew can easily wash off without staining.

Another reason so many love vinyl is it offers more styling options. Customizing your windows is easier to do with vinyl. Color choices are extensive as well, as are the styles available. Fiberglass, though, provides the same color varieties.

Vinyl windows also don’t age as fast as other types do because of their many durable qualities including being scratch resistant.

Yet another thing you’ll appreciate is you can customize them to fit the exact size of your previous window’s opening. In old homes, this is especially helpful if the openings have different shapes from standard measurements.

Window Repair

Along with supplying vinyl and fiberglass window replacement, Aspen Glass, Inc. helps repair windows you already have. As mentioned, residents of Colorado Springs already know how weather can cause damage to windows of all types so our Colorado location is your source for the inevitable window repair.

Aspen Glass, Inc. is there to help repair any damaged glass. Doing so often gives an all-new aesthetic to your home you maybe hadn’t expected. Explore our site to find out more about Aspen Glass, Inc. and the types of windows we offer to residents in the Colorado Springs area.