Tub Enclosures in Colorado Springs

Tub enclosures give you the freedom to choose between a quick, efficient shower or a long, relaxing soak in the tub. There are basic bathtub glass enclosures that can get the job done, then there are custom bathtub glass doors that bring a touch of class and elegance to your bath, as well as practical functionality.

One of the collections Aspen Glass Inc. is proud to offer our customers is the exclusive Transcend “Barn Door” Collection by Agalite. These shower doors are available in both single and double bar configurations, and feature a unique rolling system that has been called “the smoothest roller in the industry.” These beautifully crafted tub enclosure doors glide effortlessly, free of drag and sticking. The Transcend “Barn Door” system is entirely customizable, providing our customers with the ability to design and create their very own custom bathtub glass doors, allowing for multiple roller configurations and finish options.

These high-end, elegant glass doors feature Agalite’s Double Bypass Rolling System, the industry’s very first bypassing, double bar system. Even the door jamb is different; it catches the door and eliminates the rattles and jolts associated with older, outdated designs. Whereas other shower doors with regular door jambs allow water to leak out, making it dangerous to step out of the shower onto a slippery surface, Agalite’s Transcend “Barn Door” system includes a door jamb that seals the door and stops leaks from occurring.

Safety is always a concern in bathrooms, and never more so than with those who have small children, older family members, or special needs. Transcend’s innovative Soft Sill is soft and flexible, gentle on knees and elbows, and helps to accommodate loved ones with ADA needs. In addition, every product is customizable for any shower or tub, with multiple glass types and patterns available, giving our customers lots of stylish choices when designing their custom tub enclosures. Almost any metal finish, shower door hardware, and type of glass can be combined to complement your décor and style.

Why not treat yourself to true luxury with custom bathtub glass doors and a custom tub enclosure? You deserve the very best, and we at Aspen Glass are committed to providing every customer with the luxurious quality they can feel and see every time they step into the bath. Our lifetime warranty on all of our glazed units is your assurance that we build “beauty to last a lifetime.”

Give us a call today at (719) 570-1200 or send us an email at andy@aspen-glass.com, and let us help you create the beautiful, safe, stylish sophistication you want in your bathroom.