Semi-Frameless Showers

Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosures

There are many options to choose from when it comes to choosing the perfect shower door. From framed to frameless to semi-frameless showers, sometimes it can be confusing to navigate the classifications of shower doors available to you. Luckily, Aspen Glass Inc. is here as your trusted local Colorado Springs shower enclosure expert!

At Aspen Glass Inc. our go to-choice for a semi frameless shower enclosure is the Accent Series from Agalite.

The Accent shower door is by far Agalite’s most popular collection. If you are looking for exceptionally high quality and design built to last a lifetime, then the Accent door is your first choice.

All swing and slider shower doors in the Accent Collection incorporate several design features that ensure an attractive, easy to clean enclosure.  Having pioneered the technology for securely attaching hardware through holes in the glass, the Accent Collection uses the strongest method of fastening and results in years of trouble-free operation.

These shower enclosures/doors differ from frameless showers because they contain some metal attached to the glass. Having this metal attached allows for added adjustability, ensuring you have the right look and feel for your space.

Semi-frameless showers are extremely customizable, so you can choose a finish that will best complete the look of your bathroom. You can choose sliding shower doors with a semi-frameless shower door, which is a great option if space is tight. Aspen Glass Inc. has a variety of shower configurations, hardware, and metal options to choose from.

Aspen Glass Inc. is your trusted semi-frameless shower installer in the Colorado Springs and Front Range. Give us a call and we will work with you to ensure that you pick the best shower enclosure option for you, your style and your budget. Whether you have the measurements and design already thought out, or need a little help from our team, you can count on us for quality and timely services.