Terms and Conditions

Customer signature on the estimate and payment of 50% down payment is required to accept this proposal. If not accepted, this proposal will expire in 30 days from date of issuance.

Balance is due on completion of installation. If a credit card was provided for down payment, the card will be billed for the unpaid balance on completion of the installation. This proposal is subject to the additional terms.

Additional Terms:

  1. Aspen Glass Inc. will install glass in accordance with industry standards and custom. Aspen Glass Inc. warrants its work (labor only) for a period of one year from date of installation. Should a repair be required, Aspen Glass Inc. will pay for the labor to repair any defective product or installation. The customer agrees to look to the manufacturer for any warranty on the materials.
  2. During the project, Aspen Glass Inc. will maintain policies of general liability insurance and workmen’s compensation insurance.
  3. In most cases, glass is a special order product and cannot be returned. This includes; tempered glass, insulated glass, shower enclosure glass and mirrors. Once the order is placed in production, fabricating the product cannot be stopped. Once fabricated, glass cannot be returned and is considered a final sale.
  4. Customer will pay 18% interest per annum on all balances not paid within 10 days of invoice date. Customer will reimburse Aspen Glass Inc. for all costs of collection and attorney fees. Customer will pay Aspen Glass Inc. $50.00 for any returned checks plus any bank fees incurred.
  5. Aspen Glass Inc. is not responsible for the costs to repair hidden conditions which may be uncovered during the installation, such as damaged or unacceptable jambs, studs, sills or tile. Aspen Glass Inc. will identify any uncovered damage to the customer before proceeding. If the parties do not reach agreement for payment of additional costs, Aspen Glass Inc. shall exclude work that would be affected by the hidden damage and adjust the project cost accordingly.
  6. Aspen Glass Inc. will schedule installation with the customer and will attempt to complete the project in a reasonable time period. Lead time to obtain certain products may delay scheduling. Aspen Glass Inc. shall not be responsible for delays caused by material shortages, weather, or other events beyond its control. In no event shall Aspen Glass Inc. be responsible for any consequential damages resulting from scheduling problems or failure to complete the project. Repairs are usually made in occupied spaces and efforts are made to control the work area to protect the work while minimizing disruption to the customer’s property and business operations. Customer agrees to minimize interference with and disruption of Aspen Glass’s crew. Any work stoppage caused by customer or its tenant shall be billed against the project cost and may require customer to incur additional charges for labor and travel time to complete the project.
  7. In no event shall Aspen Glass Inc. be liable for consequential damages arising from failure of the product, installation or any other cause. The liability of Aspen Glass Inc. shall be limited to return to the customer of the amounts paid, up to the total cost identified on this proposal. While Aspen Glass Inc. will take reasonable steps to protect customer’s property, Aspen Glass Inc. will not be responsible for any furniture, flooring, blinds, draperies or personal property adjacent to the work area.